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How to Start Designing Your New Kitchen

There are many things to consider when you start to think of designing your new kitchen.  A successful start begins with understanding your preferred style and balancing that with your desired level of functionality.  It is always helpful to develop a “wish list” that can be shared with us when we first meet.

This wish list becomes the start of your kitchen design.  We start with this and then work through options to give you the best choices in creating your kitchen.  Working with professional kitchen designers, will help you understand everything that is involved in designing a fully functional, yet beautiful kitchen.

The following steps can be considered when first starting on a possible new kitchen design:

Evaluate Your Existing Kitchen

  • Does your current kitchen fulfill the needs for you and your family?
  • Does your kitchen allow for adequate traffic flow?
  • Do you have sufficient working counter space?
  • Is there adequate storage for all your needs?
  • Are you able to relocate plumbing, if called for in a new design?
  • Is your current lighting sufficient or is there a need to add additional?
  • Does your current kitchen meet all required electrical codes or is it in need of upgrade?
  • Are you considering major changes that would include wall removals or changes to windows?
  • Is your flooring going to be replaced and is there a viable transition point in meeting up to existing flooring?

Your answers to the above most likely support your desire for a new kitchen as it is easy to come up a list of things that “do not work” for you in your kitchen.  From there, we start to plan for what “will work” for you in your new kitchen.

Create A Kitchen Cabinet Wish List  

There is an abundance of information available to you for finding inspiration in your thoughts for designing your new kitchen.  Design magazines and home improvement shows and design websites are a great place to start.  Start a collection of your inspirational photos and bring them to us to begin our discussions!

classic kitchen rock backsplash innovative kitchens by design sudbury

What style of backsplash do you like? What style of countertops?

Things to consider for your new kitchen wish list:

Colour  What colour are you thinking for your new cabinets?  Would that work well with your flooring plans and wall colours?  Will it work with the adjacent rooms?  Are you considering having more than one colour in your cabinetry?

Cabinet Styles– Do you like a modern look from our urban styles or do you prefer a more traditional look like our classic styles?  Perhaps you are somewhere in between and would like something from our transitional styles?

Hardware – Handles/hardware are the “jewellery” of the kitchen and often require as much consideration as the cabinets themselves.  We help ensure that your selections enhance your cabinetry style and colour.

Accessories– Consideration for additional functionality inside your cabinetry is recommended.  This can include an array of products such as pull out shelves and storage racks, organizer trays, and integrated garbage and recycling solutions.

Countertops– What are you envisioning for your countertops- quartz, granite, laminate, concrete or solid surface?   All options are reviewed with you for your preference and budget to help make the best selection.

Sink and Faucets– What style of sink works best for you?  Do you have a preference in faucet style?  We review various options and considerations for all styles to help in your final selection.

Appliances– Your appliances should be a consideration early in the planning process.  It is best that sizes and specifications be determined prior to finalizing your kitchen design.  We offer expert advice in helping with your considerations.

Finishing Touches– The final design aspects are an important consideration in the early planning stages.  Things such as the wall backsplash, pendant lighting, and bar stools help tie the entire design together for a fully completed and professional look. 

Consider the Cost of a New Kitchen

Budgeting is a crucial part of any planning for a new kitchen.  You should clearly establish your budget range before beginning any product selections. It is helpful to determine what work can be completed on your own and what jobs will require outside assistance. 

A kitchen project is always most successful when a qualified and professional contractor and trades are involved.  A wide range of products help us ensure that we can work with budgets of all sizes.  We strive to ensure each customer’s budget is fully respected.  A full budget scope goes beyond the cost of just new cabinets. Consideration needs to be given for prepping your old kitchen for new installation, changes to flooring, replacing appliances, plumbing and electrical requirements, lighting, sinks, faucets, painting, and possible backsplash.

Working with A Kitchen Design Professional

Working with a design professional helps ensure that all aspects are fully considered in a kitchen project. This results in not only a beautiful kitchen in the end but also ones that suits your needs for functionality and adheres to proper clearances and required codes. 

We stay involved in your project through each stage to help make the process as seamless as possible. We take pride in what we do and our specific concentration on cabinetry makes us a professional in our field.  

Do you need help designing your new kitchen? Contact us today to schedule a free kitchen design consultation.

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