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Kitchen Cabinets at Innovative Kitchens by Design

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At Innovative Kitchens by Design, we are committed to delivering you the kitchen cabinet quality you and your family deserves!

Here are a few helpful resources to get started:

Your Kitchen Cabinets Make the Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and your kitchen cabinets truly make your kitchen complete. The cabinets you choose can be completely unique to you, because you can work with us to customize the door style, colour, hardware, and layout.

Whether your style is classic, modern, or traditional, Innovative Kitchens by Design in Sudbury has everything you need to complete your kitchen design. We have a wide selection of cabinet styles, colours and finishes to choose from. Our experienced kitchen designers can help you create your ideal kitchen with a free kitchen design consultation.

Types of Cabinets

There are various options for your Kitchen Cabinets. Things to consider is storage, style, functionality, and the overall use for your family. Read our Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide for a complete list of things to consider.

When choosing your cabinets, you need to also consider the look of your cabinets including the countertops, finishes, hardware and cabinet material.

You can choose from different types of kitchen cabinet material:

  • laminate
  • painted
  • maple
  • oak
  • cherry
  • exotic

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

There are many options to choose from when you select a style of door; we have 3 styles to choose from: Urban, Transitional or Classic. You can view the kitchen cabinet door styles here.

Our Urban style offers a modern look, Transitional has some door decor added, and Classic is an even more decorative option.

At Innovative Kitchens by Design, we are always happy to help you with the many choices you face when it comes to designing a new kitchen. For more details about kitchen cabinets for your home, contact us today.

Kitchen Cabinets Sudbury

If you need kitchen cabinets in Sudbury, contact Innovative Kitchens by Design. We can help you with the initial idea and design process, and help you all along the way, through to a new kitchen installation.

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